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What’s this?

What does it cover?

How much does it cost?

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 What’s this? 

The aim is to cover the economical needs for yourselves in case of disablement or for your nearest (husband/wife and children) in case of death.

At the fatal moment when death occurs (especially if this is the head of the family),  a great weakening may happen in the economic situation of the family (decrease of economical income, the maintenance of the same family expenses, children, mortgage, etc .) With this sort of insurance, it is possible to cancel some of these expenses and soften the negative impact that a death may produce on a family.

What does it cover? 

  • You can choose the capital to be insured at the time of contracting.

    Basic guarantees Death
    Optional guarantees Death by accident
    Death by road accident
    10% advance for burial costs
    Permanente and absolute disablement
    Permanent and absolute disablement by accident (additional capital)
    Permanent and absolute disablement by road accident (additional capital)


 How much does it cost? 

The price of the insurance will be established according to the age of the insured person, sex and the capital you wish to insure. Please see the appended table or contact us. In Llorens Insurance Brokers, we will make a study without any obligation on your part.  

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